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Welcome to the DENCAP Dental Plans Affordable Care Act dedicated page for all shoppers. Here you can view or print all of the plan details you need for choosing the dental plan that works best for you.

See below for specific plan coverage details:

Individual Plans
Select Dental PlanSelect Plus Dental Plan
Estimated Monthly Premium$29.00Estimated Monthly Premium$34.00
Office Visit$10.00Office Visit$10.00
Class I - Preventative100%Class I - Preventative100%
Class II – Basic80%Class II – Basic80%
Class III - Major60%Class III - Major60%
Class IV - Orthodontic35%Class IV - Orthodontic35%
Annual Maximum per Covered Person:Annual Maximum per Covered Person:
General Dentistry Maximum$1500General Dentistry Maximum$2000
Specialty Care Maximum$500*Specialty Care Maximum$500*
*Six month waiting period*Six month waiting period
Annual Renewal DateJan 1stAnnual Renewal DateJan 1st
Provider DirectoryViewProvider DirectoryView
2018 Schedule of BenefitsView2018 Schedule of BenefitsView


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