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Wayne County Retirees

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Welcome Wayne County Retirees! DENCAP’s City Dental Plan offers low co-pays and a higher annual maximum which covers more dental costs. We care about your health, that's why DENCAP’s provider network is the largest of any Michigan DHMO.

Dencap Dental Insurance
  • Preventive

    100% †

  • Basic

    80% †

  • Major

    70% †

  • Orthodontics off UCR (up to age 19)


  • Orthodontics off UCR (over age 19)


  • Primary Care Maximum


  • Specialty Care Maximum


  • Total Annual Maximum


  • Complete List of Covered Benefits and Fixed Copays

  • Provider Directory

† PERCENTAGES are APPROXIMATE, see co-payments as listed on the Schedule of Benefits and Fixed Co-Pays.