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DENCAP Dental Plans has been providing high quality dental coverage at affordable rates to Michigan groups, individuals, and families since the inception of our company in 1984.

The mission of DENCAP has always been to provide quality dental coverage, access to a large network of highly qualified dentists, and excellent customer care to groups and individuals with transparency of pricing for dental services. Every facet of our company is shaped around this mission.

Our dental coverage is affordable. As a State-licensed dental HMO that is committed to our mission, DENCAP provides twice the benefits at about half the cost of traditional dental insurance. Our Primary Care Dentists, at over 150 dental office locations, are contracted directly with DENCAP to provide your dental coverage at fixed low co-payments.

Detroit Proud

Since 1984

Located in the City of Detroit, our diverse staff answers the phone live with friendly and courteous, Michigan-based customer care. Our dental plans, with free exams and little to no costs for x-rays and cleanings, are designed to keep your teeth healthy. Plus all of our plans cover major dental work and specialty care treatment!

We are proud to have always been Detroit Based and part of the resurgence of Detroit. DENCAP Dental Plans stands ready to serve your dental coverage needs!