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Questions about payment?

Currently we do not accept payments on-line. Click here for the Payment Authorization Form. Once the form is complete, you have the choice to email, fax, or mail the form to DENCAP.
45 East Milwaukee Street
Detroit, MI 48202

Still have questions about payment? View our Member Frequently Asked Payment Questions.

See below for specific plan coverage details:

Individual Plans
Select Dental PlanSelect Plus Dental Plan
Estimated Monthly Premium$29.00Estimated Monthly Premium$34.00
Office Visit$10.00Office Visit$10.00
Class I - Preventive100%Class I - Preventive100%
Class II – Basic80%Class II – Basic80%
Class III - Major65%Class III - Major65%
Class IV - Orthodontic35%Class IV - Orthodontic35%
Annual Maximum per Covered Person:Annual Maximum per Covered Person:
General Dentistry Maximum$1500General Dentistry Maximum$2000
Specialty Care Maximum$500 * Specialty Care Maximum$500 *
Annual Renewal DateJan 1stAnnual Renewal DateJan 1st
Provider DirectoryViewProvider DirectoryView
2019 Schedule of BenefitsView2019 Schedule of BenefitsView

* After six month waiting period.
† PERCENTAGES are APPROXIMATE, see co-payments as listed on the Schedule of Benefits and Fixed Co-Pays.


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