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Some employers, unions and other groups hold their open enrollment season as early as September, while others begin in October or November and run through December 31. That means it’s time to start thinking about your dental insurance. Many employers and groups provide no-cost to low-cost options, so it’s important to sign up for, or re-enroll in, coverage during this time period.

Remember that oral health is an important part of physical health. Twice annual professional cleanings plus an annual dental exam by a dentist and necessary X-rays or photographs offered through dental insurance help protect not only a healthy smile but overall good health. Plus, with dental insurance that includes family coverage, you can affordability give your children a head start on good, lifelong oral health habits.

5 Tips for Reviewing Dental Insurance Options During Open Enrollment

1. Educate yourself and review plan information carefully! Coverage options can vary from year to year, even if the plan has the same or similar name as your current plan.
2. Look at co-pays and deductibles for covered services compared to the monthly premium. The most expensive plan may be the best plan for a particular year; but in a different year, a high deductible plan could be the better option.
3. Do you need braces or extensive dental work in the next 12 months? Make plan decisions that offer the most coverage for your needs.
4. Select a dental plan with a large provider network to avoid the additional costs that come with using an out-of-network dentist.
5. Take advantage of benefits fairs or online or onsite benefit explanation sessions, even if you don’t think you want to switch from your current plan. Ask your HR rep for clarification on coverage and get responses in writing.

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