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Individual Member FAQ's

What is the effective date of this acquisition? Will the Golden office still be open?
The effective date of this acquisition is 1/1/2023. The Golden office in Warren, Michigan will no longer be operating as an insurance carrier. Please direct all correspondence to DENCAP, 45 E. Milwaukee, Detroit, MI 48202.
Do I have a lapse in coverage?
No, there is no lapse in coverage.
How does this affect the current dental benefit and pricing?
Coverage and pricing are not changing for 2023. DENCAP will administer the very same plan. There are no additional waiting periods or deductibles because of this change.
Do I need to re-enroll?
No, you do not need to do anything. Your coverage will continue without interruption.
Will my renewal date change?
No, your renewal date will be the same.
Will I be receiving new DENCAP ID cards?
Not at this time. Dental offices have been notified of the acquisition and asked to accept both DENCAP and Golden member identification cards throughout 2023.
How can I get an ID/dental membership card?
The GDP website and portal will remain active for some time. Please access your virtual card on the portal found on
What if I need to add or remove a dependent from the plan?
To add or remove an employee on a traditional Golden plan, please send a secure email
Can I see my same dentist?
Most dentists are already in the DENCAP network. All Golden Dental providers have
been invited to join the network. If they choose not to participate, we will contact the patients of record and help them find a new in-network dentist.
How will my dental office confirm that I am covered? Or who can I talk to for plan questions?
Your dental office should call the phone number on the ID card to confirm coverage. DENCAP will maintain the GDP phone lines for a period of time to make confirming eligibility easy. The phone number is (800) 451-5918.
How/where do I pay my bill?
DENCAP accommodates both electronic and postal payments. For electronic payments, please enroll in our online payment portal by visiting For postal payments, please mail your check to DENCAP, 45 E. Milwaukee, Detroit, MI 48202.
Where should I call if I have questions about a claim or problem that arose while I was covered by Golden Dental Plans?
Please contact DENCAP at (800) 451-5918 about any previous billing or claim concerns.
Who can I contact if I have a question about my bill?
Please contact DENCAP about any billing premium questions. You may call (800) 451-5918 or send an email to

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