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Provider FAQ's

What is the effective date of this acquisition?
• How does this affect my monthly payment (capitation)?
DENCAP will honor all contracted payment arrangements made previously with Golden.
• Does the acquisition mean that providers can now treat both Golden and DENCAP members?
Yes, however, providers will need to be contracted and credentialed with DENCAP. Contact and ask for a credentialing application.
• Can I opt out of seeing DENCAP members and only see my current patients from Golden?
Golden Dental Plans is now a DENCAP Dental Plans company, and as such, we request that providers who contract/credential with DENCAP are open to accepting all DENCAP members.
• Will my monthly Golden and DENCAP capitation payment be combined?
Initially you should expect to receive separate payments from DENCAP; as we integrate our internal systems, that payment will be combined.
• Where can I send 2023 claims information?
Please submit claims by mail to DENCAP Dental Plans, 45 E. Milwaukee, Detroit, MI 48202 or email or e-fax (844) 919-1601.
•Where can I send 2022 & 2023 claims?
Claims for dates of services in 2022 and going forward can be sent by mail to DENCAP Dental Plans, 45 E. Milwaukee, Detroit, MI 48202 or email or e-fax
(844) 919-1601.
•Will patients remain in their current provider’s office?
Yes, to ensure member and provider ease and continuity, members will remain with their chosen office.
• Are former Golden members now eligible to select my office as an option for their dental services?
• Will Golden provider locations be able to confirm member eligibility by calling DENCAP customer service?
To confirm Golden membership, offices should contact (800) 451-5918.
To confirm DENCAP membership, offices should contact (313) 972-1400.
• Will Golden members be receiving new DENCAP ID cards?
Not at this time. Please accept both DENCAP and Golden member identification cards throughout 2023.
•Will I still have access to the provider portal on the Golden website?
Yes, while we are planning to integrate the Golden and DENCAP websites, in the interim, the provider portal on the Golden site will remain active and available for your use.
• How can Golden network locations receive support as needed?
All provider inquiries may be directed to DENCAP Dental Plans Provider Relations
at or by calling Jennifer at 313-972-1400, Ext. 235.
• Where should I direct former Golden members who have questions?
We appreciate your patience during this transition and invite you to direct those members to phone 800-451-5918.

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