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Dental Care While Pregnant- Is it Safe?

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It is absolutely safe, and even encouraged, for pregnant women to receive preventative care at the dental office. You should not skip your regularly scheduled cleaning and exam because of pregnancy, but you may consider moving your appointment. For most women, the second trimester tends to be the best time for a dental appointment. The baby is stronger, and typically you are not yet at the point where lying flat on your back is uncomfortable.

Tell your dentist you are pregnant when you make an appointment and be sure to inform the office of any medications or prenatal vitamins you are taking. Dental X-rays are safe during pregnancy. Your dentist will take steps to safeguard you and your baby by shielding your abdomen and thyroid with a lead apron. Pregnancy-related hormone changes can increase your risk of gum –disease, so be sure to continue your oral hygiene practices! If you notice any changes, be sure to inform your dentist and make an appointment for a check-up.

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