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When you are caring for someone who is confined to a bed or suffering from arthritis, staying on top of their oral health may be challenging. If your loved one is having difficulty brushing and flossing, consult with a dentist or hygienist who can provide a different approach. If your loved one is having difficulty eating, or not eating as much as usual, denture problems could be the cause.

Medications and cavities:

Dry mouth is a common cause of cavities in older adults. It is a side-affect that is found in over 500 medications that treat allergies, asthma, and high blood pressure.  When there is a lack of saliva, the mouth is more vulnerable to tooth decay. It is important to tell your dentist what medications you are taking so that they can help relieve your dry mouth symptoms and prevent cavities.

What it all means:

Most people believe that losing your teeth is inevitable. On the contrary, your teeth can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Since your mouth changes as you age, it is important to schedule regular dental exams so that any threatening oral issues are addressed before it is too late. Getting enough physical exercise helps our bodies stay fit, but keeping your oral hygiene a priority is key to staying healthy overall.


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