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The Hallmark Plan is designed to provide your employees quality dental coverage with lower out-of-pocket costs at the dental office. This plan can be offered to groups on a voluntary or employer paid basis with a minimum of 3 employees participating. For the Hallmark Plan Schedule of Benefits and Co-Payments, please contact us directly.

Plan Information

  • Group Size
  • 3 or more Subscribers
  • Maximums
    Per person/per year
  • $2500 Primary Care
    $800 Specialty Care covered at 50%
  • Plan Details
  • Type I - Preventive - 100%**
    Type II - Basic - 80%**
    Type III - Major 60%**
    Type IV - Orthodontics - 35% discount**
    Specialty Care - 50%
    Optional vision coverage available
**Percentages Approximate based on member co-pay as listed in Schedule of Benefits

Plan Benefits

  • No deductibles

  • Low co-payments on dental procedures

  • No waiting period for primary care dentistry

  • No charges for oral examinations and routine cleanings by your primary care dentist

  • Orthodontia (braces) benefits

  • Large provider network of dentists

For a complete listing of covered procedures refer to the Schedule of Benefits & Co-payments. Please contact DENCAP at 313-972-1400, or click the button below to receive an enrollment kit.
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