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As someone with an established dental routine, your health and smile are important. Having a healthy smile comes with regular checkups and routine preventive maintenance. The DENCAP Senior Value Plan is designed for anyone age 50 or older to have a healthy smile and keep dental costs affordable. With this low monthly premium dental plan, you will get FREE exams, cleanings and low co-payments on a complete list of dental procedures. In addition, you will have specialty care coverage*. This Plan works perfectly for those in or dreaming about retirement.

Attention Medicare Members

Open Enrollment is happening now! Our Senior Value dental plan is great addition for supplemental insurance. See below for plan details:

Plan Information

  • Requirements
  • Age 50 and up
  • Low Monthly Rates
  • $27 Single, $44 Two Persons, $59 Family
  • Maximums
    Per person/per year
  • $2500 Primary Care
    $500 Specialty Care Coverage*
  • Low Monthly Rates
    w/ optional vision
  • $40 Single, $67 Two Persons, $98 Family
* after six months of continuous enrollment

Plan Benefits

  • Immediate Coverage

  • Low co-payments on dental procedures

  • No Deductibles

  • No Waiting period for primary care dentistry

  • No charges for oral examinations and routine cleanings by your primary care dentist

  • Orthodontia (Braces) Benefits

  • Large provider network of dentists

For a complete listing of covered procedures and co-payments refer to the Schedule of Benefits

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